The department of the moving image

Who are we?

VAV is an education in visual art that focuses on the moving image. The notion of the moving image is very actual in the contemporary art world. In the international practice of making exhibitions and art, the moving image has developed as one of the major means of expression.

As an artist you are able to ‘animate’ a dead object and give it a life of its own. This happens both in a metaphorical and literal way. As soon as the student manages to infuse his object with ‘anima’ the Greek word for ‘life’ the work starts communicating with its public.

VAV is and education were idea, content, form, technique and the vehicles of expression are questioned. We regard this as essential for the quality in art. Typical for a VAV student is the inventors mentality. We as your teachers stimulate experiment and an independent and quirky attitude.



We give attention to the disciplines film, animation, sound, performance, video, new media, visual arts, film - and art history. Interesting is the area ‘between’ the disciplines. In the cross section between image and sound  or 3-D works and for example advanced computer technology amazing works are created.

The teachers of the department help you in your search for development and look with you at your inner motivation and your passion talking about the work that is presented.

Basic to the education is the development of your vision on the meaning of your work in society. The mentality that makes it possible to dive deep in the self chosen themes is of major importance!

We believe in the value of a significant amount of contact hours within the education. Teachers and students communicate on the basis of equivalence about the progress in the works.  The education has the character of a process where ideas, half products and in the end the results are discussed between teachers and students.

Teachers are your coaches in your personal quest. There are several teaching methods to help you in your personal development, like individual talks, group talks, workshops, projects or an excursion.  We value the fact that our education takes place in an atmosphere of honesty, commitment to the study and the fellow students, an open mind and mutual respect.